About Us

BM-Food Hanssen Nygaard AS was established in January 1985. BM-Food, an import company to Norway of chilled, frozen and fine foods from all parts of the world. We have a wide range of products consisting of meats, fish & shellfish, sushi toppings as well as Fine Food.

BM-Food strives to be the first link between a producer abroad and the Norwegian market, being defined as wholesalers and industry. Our aim is to have the leading expert knowledge in all aspects in this connection; Veterinarian legislation, Customs rules and legislation, logistics, and at all times maintaining excellent and correct relations to all authorities involved.

Our clients shall be leading in their field of business and BM-Food will work consistently to uphold a personal and close relationships to its customers. BM-Food’s customers will benefit from BM-Food’s volume purchases and receive a product which is 100% officially cleared and ready for distribution or value adding production for and in the Norwegian Market.

BM-Food is recognized as the sole company which has imported beef from Namibia and Botswana since the very beginning in April/May 1995, and also initiated the first commercial export of deboned lamb from Namibia in 2000.

BM-Food will and does outsource all activities possible, such as handling, warehousing, transport, customs clearance, accounting, and uses only the leading companies in these fields.


BM FOOD has a long history with importing great quality products to Norway and giving its customers both in Retail & Foodservice the possibility to experience these products.

Lean Structure

We are small office with 5+ sales people in the field, we are flexible and open to new products and opportunities.

Open Mind

We are looking for all kind of products, with a condition of high quality and marketing support from the producer. We are looking for long term partners & brands we can build in Norway over time.


We have great, long & strong relations with our customers both in Retail and Foodservice business. Our customers find BM FOOD as a fair and reliable company.

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