The best Tuscan tomatoes, low temperature processed, are sieved into a very fine mesh sifter, in order to remove all seeds and any trace of skins. A pinch of fresh high quality chilli is added to make this reference very tasty.
This allows to obtain a thick and velvet-like puree, characterized by its bright red colour, its taste of fresh tomato, lightly spicy.

CU in TU: 


BM FOOD has a long history with importing great quality products to Norway and giving its customers both in Retail & Foodservice the possibility to experience these products.

Lean Structure

We are small office with 5+ sales people in the field, we are flexible and open to new products and opportunities.

Open Mind

We are looking for all kind of products, with a condition of high quality and marketing support from the producer. We are looking for long term partners & brands we can build in Norway over time.


We have great, long & strong relations with our customers both in Retail and Foodservice business. Our customers find BM FOOD as a fair and reliable company.

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