Only the biggest and ripest tuscan tomatoes are selected, then they are suitably sorted and peeled to obtain these chunks, which satisfy the taste of those who love cooking with fresh chopped tomatoes.
A sweet and fleshy pulp is obtained, which is particularly fit for preparing the richest sauces and seasonings.

CU in TU: 


BM FOOD has a long history with importing great quality products to Norway and giving its customers both in Retail & Foodservice the possibility to experience these products.

Lean Structure

We are small office with 5+ sales people in the field, we are flexible and open to new products and opportunities.

Open Mind

We are looking for all kind of products, with a condition of high quality and marketing support from the producer. We are looking for long term partners & brands we can build in Norway over time.


We have great, long & strong relations with our customers both in Retail and Foodservice business. Our customers find BM FOOD as a fair and reliable company.

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